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06 Nov

Since the beginning of the cell phone, I have been the sort of fellow to do everything with my telephone. If I'm not mistaken, that was the general purpose. In addition to the fact that we make calls, we take pictures, record video, refresh our statuses, peruse the web...heck, cell phones even have wake up timers searching for another activity.

Something I keep convenient on my HTC Evo is a scratch pad application for monitoring cydia apk plan for the day, thoughts, or perhaps only a speedy fitting at an item I need to purchase. Today I am surveying SoftXperience's Note Everything.

Look and Feel

When you initially introduce the application, you are welcomed with an essential message. It gives you the essential cautioning about keeping both the free and star forms introduced, and not to coincidentally erase the free form in light of the fact that your notes will be no more. Great to know. From that point onward, you get a "What's New" page that subtle elements the most recent changes in past adaptations. Once more, great to know.

After shutting that, you will see the principle page. It's genuinely plain as day from here, as you would need to tap the + catch to include a note. When you do, you get the chance to see all the magnificent choices that this application gives. You can make a straightforward content note, paint note (drawing), voice note (voice recording), photograph note, agenda, tough agenda, display note (picture), video note, note from standardized identification, or a note imported from Google docs. Note: Some of these highlights are just accessible in the star form.

A Side Note: This application is the thing that I would call a "twofold edged sword" on the grounds that the format is basic, however the application itself is ground-breaking. While a few clients dislike the absence of energy in their note-taking application, different clients may lean toward it. By and by, I like this application since it doesn't endeavor to be excessively garish. It gives me the majority of the extraordinary highlights that I need in a clear way.

Agendas and Durable Checklists (Pro Version

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